“And Then We Sever” (Horror d’oeuvre #2)

(The estimated reading time for this is 4 minutes)This was supposed to be a weekend away from worry and tension, a return to a happier place and time. It wasn’t starting well. For two hours now they’d barely exchanged a word, both fuming after the latest in a long line of complaint and counter-complaint involving […]
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William Meikle is a Scottish writer now living in Canada. He has fifteen novels published in the genre press and over 250 short story credits in thirteen countries. His work appears in many professional anthologies and his ebook The Invasion has been as high as #2 in the Kindle SF charts. He lives in a remote corner of Newfoundland with icebergs, whales and bald eagles for company. In the winters he gets warm vicariously through the lives of others in cyberspace .