“Death Rattle” (Horror d’oeuvre #36)

(The estimated reading time for this is 2 minutes)The old man lived in apartment L, across from Sterling. When the man came home each night, the city was quiet enough for Sterling to hear his entrance. First the wrought-iron gate banging closed behind him. Then the cane, which rang out a tock, tock, tock on […]
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Darren’s fiction appeared in the Winter 2005 issue of The First Line Magazine, later performed as a dramatic reading for Columbia Radio in 2007. More recently, he appeared in the Winter 2012 issue of Shadowroad Quarterly, the October, 2013 issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine and in the Chupa Cabra House horror anthology Growing Concerns in January, 2014. He won the Lost State Writer’s Conference scholarship for fiction in 2004 and was a finalist for the Lex Allen Literary Festival in 2012. Darren’s non-fiction book Pirate Nation was published in Russia in early 2013.