“Deadlift: Breaking Point”

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I had an inkling that I wanted to write some kind of superhero story…without a superhero. Just a man, but one who was, perhaps, the pinnacle of men. Not like a Bond, or a Bourne, or some guy who was trained to be almost superhuman. I wanted the things he did to be…possible.

So, I found out, from a little research, that it’s actually possible for some strong men to lift upward of a 1000lbs in weight, in an exercise called, funnily enough, the deadlift.

The point of the story isn’t that the guy (David Lowe) is superhuman—he’s not. He’s a freak, maybe…but nothing super about him. He’s big, strong…not tough, not a trained killer…just a guy.

Then? Make sure his hands are full. And, yes, that he has a nemesis.

Of course there’s a nemesis. The darkness to his somewhat tarnished light.

I did more research on this project than I’ve ever done for a story before, because this story hinges on possibilities…what is actually humanly possible. There’s a supernatural element, yes, but the bones of the story are based on fact: primary, secondary, even tertiary injuries from explosions, physiology, psychology, the mechanisms of elevators, and the mentality of the weightlifter…

David Lowe’s not perfect. Kind of sadistic of me, maybe, but I started thinking: here’s a big, strong guy…let’s make him bleed. Let’s see what he can take…

He’s just a man, a tough man, and I set out, in this story, to break him.

Maybe I did.

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