“The Knowing Inside John” (Horror d’oeuvre #43)

(The estimated reading time for this is 5 minutes)In the dream, John knows the phone will ring. In his sleep-induced reality, he sees it wake up Sheila, so he gets to his feet. Something akin to consciousness stirs in the back of his mind, and he realizes he’s no longer completely dreaming. He really did […]
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Robert S. Wilson was born in Bloomington, Indiana during the blizzard of '78. His first taste for science fiction and horror came from watching episodes of The Twilight Zone and the stories his mother told him about a supposedly haunted house his family once lived in. He is the author of Shining in Crimson and Fading in Darkness, books one and two of his dystopian vampire series: Empire of Blood. Robert lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife and two kids and spends most of his time wondering where all the time went. Samples of his work as well as the free audio serial for Shining in Crimson can be found on his blog