“The Stories They Tell” (Horror d’oeuvre #48)

(The estimated reading time for this is 4 minutes)In her back yard, between the skeletal branches of the dead azaleas and the weed-choked square that was once a vegetable garden, an apple tree grows. Pale blossoms dapple its branches, bleached white by the sun. Bees gyrate to the blossoms’ songs, thrusting and grinding uselessly over […]
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Michelle Muenzler’s goal in life is to bring forth the bunny apocalypse and bury the earth with furry-soft goodness. When not working toward this goal, she experiments on her husband with new recipes and builds blockades around her NetBook to protect it from her cats. Her fiction leans toward dark fantasy with a twist of new weird, and if nobody dies in a story, then it probably wasn’t written by her.