“Masters of Blood and Bone: To Kill a God”

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Where do you get an idea for a story? It’s a simple question. Often, I think, writers simply make things up. It’s my most common approach.

Sometimes, for me, an idea might spring from a place I visit, or a person I see in the street that strikes me as odd. It might be a phrase I hear in passing.

Masters of Blood and Bone, though, was purely intentional. I set out to answer the question, how do you kill a God?

Me, I wouldn’t. I like a quiet life, for preference. But here’s the next part, you can make stuff up! Being a writer’s great like that. But pretty daft, too, if you’ve got an idea, and no one to explore that idea for you. But I had him, he was there. His name’s Holland. He’s a big guy, immensely overweight, unfeasibly fast, and an assassin for hire by some shady characters you might recognise from mythology.

But a novel isn’t just about a character, or an idea, or even a story. But about construction, pace, language, motivation…a novel, really, is about everything. Knitting a world, a story. It’s a big world, too.

A while back, I wanted to be a fantasy writer. Or, I thought I did. I wrote (still do) fantasy stories. Big, sweeping epics. And there’s something I learned, I hope, from writing those, and reading big, big, books—a book doesn’t have to be long to be epic.

This novel is about me, really, seeing just where you can go with a novel. About boiling epic down and making it tight as it can be: giving it something epics often lack—pace.

It’s a lean novel about gods, and fighting for what’s right. It is, as so many novels are, about light and dark.

But mostly, it’s about the big guy, Holland, and his secrets. They’re big secrets. He’s got gods for and against, few friends, and a daughter who is maybe more dangerous than all of them…

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Craig Saunders has published more than two dozen short stories, and is the author of many novels and novellas, including Rain and The Estate, and the DarkFuse titles Bloodeye and Flesh and Coin. He writes horror and fantasy for fun and humor when he’s feeling serious, which isn’t often. He lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children, likes nice people and good coffee.


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