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Some books end with a twist. But I wanted to write a novel which ended with more than one.




Try again.


Close, but no cigar.

Well, how many, then?

OK, I count…six.

Yes, that’s how many twists I worked into the final quarter of my new novel Siren of Depravity. And I confidently believe that although you’ll guess a few, you won’t guess them all.


I also wanted to write a book inspired by an old favorite and a new favorite, in the first instance H. P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and in the second Stephen King’s Revival. In fact, it was following a reading of both in quick succession that the plot ideas for my novel—which had been lurking in my mind for months – finally coalesced.

Siren of Depravity is a 60,000-word investigative horror story, a fast-paced adventure documenting discoveries made by the brother of a guy into all kinds of Bad Stuff. In the book I wanted to capture a headlong escalation of unease, a relentless crescendo leading to screeching chords and colossal clangs.

It’s a cosmic horror novel, with otherworldly monsters and terrible human deeds aplenty. I think it needs to be read closely for clues, particularly in the early stages, because everything matters. And when the dominoes start falling near the conclusion I hope you won’t be able to breathe while flipping the pages.

Here’s a summary of what awaits…

Harry Keyes hasn’t seen his brother Dexter for over ten years, but during his daughter’s seventh birthday party, he gets an unexpected call claiming that Dex has found something which may change their dysfunctional family forever.

Asking for Harry’s help to locate his mother, what is Dexter trying to achieve? Is it anything to do with the dark experiments he’d practiced as a boy? And will it really involve terrible entities rumored to occupy different underground parts of the country?

So begins a chilling investigation into their childhoods, growing up in a rural village with a cruel father and possibly worse monsters. Harry learns about many terrible things, including kidnappings, torture, and attempts to summon undead creatures from the earth’s ancient past.

And all that’s needed to waken them is a siren…a siren of depravity.

What has Dexter found? Why does he need to locate his and Harry’s mother? And what is he up to in that dark, old house out in the country?

These and so many other questions are answered in SIREN OF DEPRAVITY, and if you think you can handle all the shocking twists near the end, chapter after chapter after chapter, grab a copy from DarkFuse in limited hardcover, paperback or e-book format.

It’s as dark as a late-winter night and even more chilling.


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Gary Fry lives in Dracula’s Whitby, literally around the corner from where Bram Stoker was staying when he was thinking about that character. Gary has a PhD is psychology, but his first love is literature. He is the author of many short story collections, several novellas, including DarkFuse titles. He was the first author in PS Publishing’s Showcase series, and none other than Ramsey Campbell has described him as “a master.”



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