“Antibody” (Featured Fiction #18)

What begins as a flu-like virus is sweeping over the Earth. Rumors of government population control and space invaders are rampant, but Mason doesn’t take it seriously. Until he witnesses the virus’s zombie-like effects on the subway. He escapes a bloodthirsty mob, but faces men in white suits who seem intent on controlling the panicked masses with a bullet to the brain.

 As infection spirals out of control, Mason is bitten. He hides in his cellar from the men in white suits, who are killing anyone showing signs of infection, but knows he’s living on borrowed time. 

If the white suits don’t kill him, the virus may do the job for them.

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Renee Miller lives in Tweed, Ontario. Someone called her a powerhouse once, but quietly, and with a bit of a whimper. She has poor self-control, an addiction to cake and potato chips, and inappropriate fantasies about Kevin Spacey. Renee has published several novels in the crime/suspense, romantic suspense, paranormal, fantasy, horror, comedy, and erotic horror genres.

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