Bitchslapped (Cult of Kill #17)

(The estimated reading time for this is 8 minutes)The problem with factory life is that there are so many people going nowhere and trapped in the same building all at once. Frustrations build as days are squandered and life dissolves into repetition. Human beings are transformed into numbers that lose precious hours of life to […]
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Patrick Kill Books
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Patrick Kill specializes in writing the most absurd, iconoclastic humorous dark fiction around. At 6'1'', he is the tallest midget on earth. He is a competitive eater…of children. He prefers footie pajamas with someone else's feet in them. He fishes for dead bodies in drainage ditches during the day and traps for yeti at night. He is the most ridiculous man in the world. His favorite saying is: "I don't always eat humans, but when I do, it's dos Mexicanos. Stay evil, my friends." Until they invent the first anti-social network, you will be unable to connect with him in any manner except by leaving a comment where his work appears. Which he will, in turn, not even bother to read. Get Cult of Kill, Volume 1 HERE.

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