DarkBorne Muse Series Launched

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The DarkBorne Muse Series was launched at DarkFuse Magazine today. This new series introduces new authors to DarkFuse Magazine’s readership. In this series, you’ll read DarkFuse fiction debuts by some of the most promising and exciting new and upcoming voices of horror and dark fiction.

This is a great spinoff from our featured fiction series, allowing us to really branch out and take on newer or established upcoming talents that have never been published by DarkFuse in the past.

We’d love to get readers’ feedback on new stories, because some of these very authors might just be returning with new stories or even book-length projects.

DarkBorne Muse #1 is now online, featuring Marc E. Fitch and his story “The Dreadful Wind and Rain.”  Check it out now and comment below the story so we know what you think!

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  1. This is a great way to find some new talent. I often find “new-to-me” authors through short stories in anthologies that I liked. 🙂


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