DarkFuse Rebranded

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DarkFuse founder Shane Staley has spent most of 2016 rebuilding and rebranding the company. Here’s a timeline of events from this year:

April 2016 (104 paid subscribers): Staley issued a notice to those working at DarkFuse that the magazine would become the core publishing platform beginning in 2017.  The decision was met with some skepticism due to subscriber base.

June 2016 (116 paid subscribers): Online marketing department hired. Internal subscription drive to newsletter goes live.

August 2016 (864 paid subscribers): Marketing department shifts to promoting the magazine publicly.

September 2016 (1016 paid subscribers): Staley calls staff meeting and announces DarkFuse has ended its exclusivity deal with Amazon. DarkFuse shifts all online operations, including its shop and news, to the magazine’s site. Dedicated secure server is upgraded to handle spikes in traffic.

October 2016 (1190 paid subscribers): DarkFuse changes to a subscription-based model (online digital and limited edition).  Limited edition hardcover book lines will continue, but focus shifts from digital to online content. DarkFuse hardcover anthology series will continue, but future anthology Kindle releases after volume 4 are cancelled.

Future Outlook: DarkFuse will begin its 2017 subscription drive soon.  The magazine’s target is to have published 1 million words of fiction by the end of Q1, 2017 and have at least 2,000 paid subscribers to its magazine.  The majority of fiction published by DarkFuse will be exclusively released online to its subscribers and in limited edition hardcover format.  Original short fiction will be exclusive to online subscribers and book collectors.  Kindle eBook releases will continue, but only for novel and selected novella-length works.

Welcome to the new DarkFuse!

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  1. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical at first regarding some of the changes going on, but I have embraced the new direction of the company and am very excited to see where DF goes from here. Bring it on!!

  2. I’m shocked at the increase in the number of paid subscribers! I had my doubts at first, as Bill commented, but things really seem to be going well.

  3. I’ve become immune to skepticism over my career. Whether it was that a publisher couldn’t succeed in publishing collectible books by unknown authors, that eBooks will never sell, or that no one reads stories online or pays to read online, it’s all a blur.

    I just do what I like to do, and there seems to be like-minded horror readers that support it, which I’m lucky to have.


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