FAIRY LIGHTS Serial Complete, Limited HC Preorder Begins

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Great DarkFuse debut for author Edward Lorn, as his serial novella’s finale was posted today. You can now read the complete novella with your digital subscription.

We’ve also released single copies of the limited edition hardcover for preorder.  Only 100 copies of this title will ever be printed.


On Palomar Mountain, there hides a creature capable of unspeakable malice. A monster hungry for flesh. A being capable of manipulating those it allows to live.

Tony and his mother, Brenda, have plans to vacation on Palomar Mountain and intend to bring Tony’s buddy with them. The party of three ascend the mountain for three days of camping without the aid of technology. But when the boys get lost in the woods, things escalate from bad to deadly in the blink of an eye. Because they’re not alone, and the creature in the cave is not the only thing they have to worry about.

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