“Fear” (Featured Fiction #24)

The pool glowed blue in dusk light, every bit as beautiful as Kristen had promised. After the story she’d told him, of drowned children and a park closed many years ago, Luke couldn’t help wondering what lay beneath the surface. A light wind blew through pine canopies, but the thick trunks and steep, slippery banks shielded the pool and not so much as a ripple crossed it. "Creepy, huh?" Kristen was watching him, strands of dark hair falling across her green eyes. Luke shrugged. "It’s pretty cool, I guess." "Pretty cool?" She walked around it slowly, keeping back from the edge and peering inside. "It’s incredible. Just think about all of the death that’s happened in this one small circle of water. Most of them children. Come on, Luke, I thought you liked horror stories."
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Ben Pienaar was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2000, where he lives and, more importantly, writes his days away. He also works two jobs to finance his crippling addiction to coffee, and spends his free time reading until his eyes hurt. After countless submissions, he managed to get several stories published including "Beyond," "Dreamer," "Fair Trade," and "Till Death." His dream is to one day make grown men shiver with fear and traumatise small children.

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