“Suck It, Liberals!” (Son of a Niche #6)

(The estimated reading time for this is 4 minutes)Hey, is it just me, or did everyone in our industry turn into cranky old bastards over the past few weeks, all over an election decision? It’s really entertaining to see Facebook and real-life friends fighting over Trump and every liberal artist calling this Doomsday.  People are […]
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Shane Staley is the founder and managing publisher of DarkFuse. He is a Bram Stoker Award winning editor and publisher. He is considered by many as one of the most influential editors and publishers of the modern era horror scene. He was the founder and editor-in-chief of the legendary specialty press Delirium Books (1999-2012). Staley started his publishing career in 1995 with a ‘zine called The Darklands Project. Since then, he has published more than 300 books in his career and has been a part of launching some of the most important writing careers in the horror genre.

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