“The Ride” (Horror d’oeuvre #59)

(The estimated reading time for this is 5 minutes)“I know,” said Death. “You were expecting someone more skeletal.” Ian looked at the young man in the sharp black suit, then glanced back at his body lying on the road in front of the green SUV. “To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anyone.” “Well, them’s […]
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Philip Harris
Philip Harris was born in England but now lives in Canada where he works for a large video game developer. Not content with creating imaginary worlds for a living, he spends his spare time indulging his love of writing. His non-fiction articles have appeared in such enigmatic magazines as EXE, WTJ and CGI. His fiction credits include Bones, Uncommon Bodies, The Anthology of European SF, Garbled Transmissions, So Long, and Thanks for All the Brains, Peeping Tom and Flurb. 

He has also worked as security for Darth Vader.

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