Brian Lumley To Headline Erotikós #1

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DarkFuse’s premier volume of Erotikós, its erotic horror anthology series, now has a table of contents and a headliner.  Brian Lumley has contributed an original story for volume 1 and is set to sign the limited edition hardcover which will be up for preorder in the coming weeks.

A solid cast of amazing female authors round out the lineup including Sandy DeLuca, Renee Miller, Jennifer Loring, Sisters of Slaughter Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason and Angela Addams.

As the hardcover goes into production, DarkFuse Magazine will be releasing each story online.  Hardcover subscribers will get their copies well in advance of the final stories being posted.

Here’s the ToC for the limited hardcover and eBook (as well as dates for when the stories will go live at DarkFuse Magazine):

January 27—“Irving’s Story” by Brian Lumley (#1)

February 24—”Hotel Naamah” by Sandy DeLuca (#2)

March 24—“Invasion” by Renee Miller (#3)

April 28—“Whispers in Your Heart” by Jennifer Loring (#4)

May 26—“Pavor Nocturnus” by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason (#5)

June 23—“Sweet Baby Girl” by Angela Addams (#6)

There will be an addition 2 bonus stories appearing in the limited edition hardcover only: Renee Miller’s “Good Vibrations” and Jennifer Loring’s “Suck.”

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