DarkFuse Has Partnered With The DarkMuse Syndicate

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What started out as a friendly squabble over business names has officially led to a major partnership in the independent press.

The DarkMuse Syndicate formed in the summer of 2016 as a design group, focused on book production and design.  They quickly grew, adding on independent authors, artists and designers with a mission to craft fine limited editions for the speculative fiction market. DarkFuse was one of the first publishers they approached, which led to a concern over similar business names working in similar markets.  As talks began, DarkFuse founder Shane Staley was hired as a consultant to the group, eventually signed on to work with The Syndicate and, as of December 2016, has officially partnered with the startup company.

The DarkMuse Syndicate will remain independent and freely working with both publishers and indie authors in the speculative fiction market, designing and producing short run limited hardcovers.  DarkFuse Magazine will become its marketing and e-commerce channel.  DarkFuse has also signed with The DarkMuse Syndicate to design and release their new limited hardcover novel line (beginning in 2017).

Each new limited release handled by The DarkMuse Syndicate will carry the brand’s logo stamped on the back cover.  Based on contracts already signed, The DarkMuse Syndicate will release 24-36 short run titles in limited hardcover for independent authors and publishers, 6 of those will be for DarkFuse.

To get more information on forthcoming releases handled by The DarkMuse Syndicate, please join DarkFuse’s newsletter and select limited HCs as one of your interests.

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