GoreWars #1—Round 1—The Stories

Here's the gross-out duels for round 1 of GoreWars #1: Renee Miller ("Bloodhound") vs. Chris Kosarich ("Hanging Around"); Erik Hofstatter ("What We See") vs. Brian Knight ("Human Veal"); Icky Bod Crane ("Where the Sun Doesn't Sun") vs. Michael Patrick Hicks ("Pucker Up"); Timothy P Flynn ("Dog Gone Shame") vs. David C. Hayes ("Cozy Feet"); Chris Lawrence ("Breakfast") vs. Lyndon D. Johnson ("New Suit"); Stephanie M. Wytovich ("The Blood Brunch") vs. T.G. Arsenault (Purr, purr, pu—"); Jay Whales ("Tastes Like Chicken") vs. Paul Michaels ("Baby Vomit"); Liam Hogan ("Titbits") vs. Edward Lorn ("Bloated"). Voting is now open!
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