#GoreWars Championship Match Set

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On Tuesday, December 27, 2016, the championship match of the first #GoreWars tournament will take place between Renee Miller and T.G. Arsenault.

Judges, subscribers and the general public will be asked to vote on the best of the tournament.

Here are more about the contestants…

Renee Miller (2436 total votes)

Author of weird, horrific and erotic stuff. Has inappropriate fantasies about Kevin Spacey and she’s not ashamed of it.

Championship Round Story: “Bits”

T.G. Arsenault (2233 total votes)

T.G. Arsenault is the author of Forgotten Souls and Bleeding the Vein. Visit him at tgarsenault.com.

Championship Round Story: “Spider Kisses”

Voting goes live at 3 PM EST on 12/27/16

Check out the final round HERE.

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