#GoreWars Semifinals Set

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Round 1 is officially in the books with 1,780 total ballot points cast for an overall total of 14,207 vote points tallied! We broke records for site page views in consecutive days, but we’re not stopping there.  We’re aiming for bigger and better in round 2. And we’ve received the second round stories and the competitors have definitely taken it up a notch.

Lyndon D. Johnson had to pull out of the tournament as he didn’t have time to submit his second-round story, so Icky Bod Crane has filled in for round 2, though his opponent, T.G. Arsenault, will automatically move on due to forfeiture.

The semifinals will begin on today (Monday 12/19/16) around 3 PM EST.  Here are the winners from the round of 16 who will be competing and need your votes…

Renee Miller (1046 votes)

1st Round Story: “Bloodhound”

I press my nose inside the white cloud, inhale a sweet scent. Open my mouth. Chew. Squeeze out the juice. I swallow, but my stomach rejects the treat. I vomit. We stare at the slimy white blob with the mangled string.

“Bad dog,” she says. “Stop eating my tampons.”

About the Author: Author of weird, horrific and erotic stuff. Has inappropriate fantasies about Kevin Spacey and she’s not ashamed of it.

Next Round’s Story: “Almost There”

Erik Hofstatter (989 Votes)

1st Round Story: “What We See”

A pike festered on the shore. “That fish is ugly, like me.” Egil said. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, son.” He strolled while Egil plucked out the slimy eye. The gelatine revolted on his tongue. “Stop!” Egil winced. “But beauty is in the eye.”

About the Author: Erik Hofstatter is a dark fiction writer and a member of the Horror Writers Association. He likes mead. A lot.

Next Round’s Story: “Lollipop”

Michael Patrick Hicks (1031 Votes)

1st Round Story: “Pucker Up”

He kissed her hard, his lips sucking at—and then popping—the pimples around her mouth. He savored the bitter, ejecting puss. By the time he finished, a creamy, frothy white mess surrounded both their mouths. Blood seeped from her sores as he licked his lips.

About the Author: Michael Patrick Hicks is the author of several sci-fi novels, and the short stories Let Go, Revolver, and Consumption.

Next Round’s Story: “Sinner”

Timothy P Flynn (1050 Votes)

1st Round Story: “Dog Gone Shame”

She frantically stabbed its eyes; the guttural growls expressing no release from the clit ring. Its violent tugs on her tulip sent internal piercing shocks, as the bloody tearing began. She saw Jim at the doorway, his face in full shock. “Help me for fuck sake! I’ll explain later…”

About the Author: Timothy P Flynn is a published poet of weird, dark shit. His sick mind pours onto the screen for horror lovers to enjoy.

Next Round’s Story: “Merry Christmas, Asshole!”

Icky Bod Crane (filling in for Lyndon D. Johnson)

1st Round Story: “Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine”

The Zombie pushed its hand into the corpse’s butthole, groping for the maggot bloated intestines deep within. Squeezing past the sucking slurry of fecal matter, with a sickening pop, it tore its prize free and began to feast. Sometimes it’s worth the extra effort to get at the good shit!

About the Author: This is Icky Bode Crane’s first attempt at writing in many years. With any luck, he will write more as time allows.

Next Round’s Story: “The gore-met Meal”

T.G. Arsenault (939 Votes)

1st Round Story: “Purr, purr, pu—”

We rescued a kitten, eyes shut, fur matted and moist. Thought it would quell Johnny’s urges. As he stood in the corner, hands behind his back, smiling, I wondered. When a tail poked through his missing tooth and a string of blood stretched down his chin, I had my answer.

About the Author: T.G. Arsenault is the author of Forgotten Souls and Bleeding the Vein. Visit him at tgarsenault.com.

Next Round’s Story: “Delectable”

Jay Whales (1024 Votes)

1st Round Story: “Tastes Like Chicken”

John squatted over the bloated carcass of his former wife and shat out his buttermilk and liver dinner. A screwworm exited the carcass and crawled up leaving a brown smear, settling in his right tonsil until John tongued a gynephilia’s hemorrhoid, when it came out and joined the feast.

About the Author: Jay is the most non politically correct person you could ever meet and hopes he didnt hurt your precious feelings.

Next Round’s Story: “Favorite Sister”

Edward Lorn (976 Votes)

1st Round Story: “Bloated”

While she snored, he sewed her vagina shut around the hose. Caulk and he was done. The drugs wore off and her eyes fluttered open. He yanked the cord and the compressor grumbled to life. Screaming, she filled with water, until she burst, spewing organs like a meaty pinata.

About the Author: Edward Lorn lives in the southeast with his wife and two children. He’s currently working on his next novel.

Next Round’s Story: “Sour Prick”

The new stories will be posted on Monday to read and vote.  Here is the link to the main page of the contest where everything goes down:


DarkFuse has announced that 3 voters will be picked at random from the ballots cast in round 2 and will receive gift boxes full of limited edition books (a value of $150 or more in each box)!

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