New Collector’s Shop & Subscription

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DarkFuse has launched a new recurring subscription for collectors through its magazine.  For $85 a month, collectors can get the complete limited edition releases for the entire year.  This includes the novella series (12 per year), the new 52-copy novel series (6 per year), Erotikós anthology series (2 per year), Cult of Kill Series (4 per year) and DarkFuse anthology series (4 per year).

For subscribers who have previously purchased the novella and/or novel subscriptions, your numbers are secured (no worries).  You can decide to opt-in to the new subscription now (and receive a shop credit) or continue with your existing subscriptions and opt-in when they are up at the end of 2017 to the new monthly subscription.

A new page for collector’s has been established at the magazine site and connected to its online shop.

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