Patrick Kill’s Christmas Cheer Heading Your Way!

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DarkFuse’s wildly popular Cult of Kill series is heading into its first special edition with 4 straight Christmas stories to blast away those holiday blues!  Spiked eggnog, anyone?

If you’re sick and tired of all the good will to men hubbub, saintly commercialism and fake holiday cheer, DarkFuse Magazine has the anecdote & antidote.  For the next 4 weeks, our Cult of Kill column is nothing but Christmas stories, to warm the cock-les of your Yuletide jeer. This is the only place you can read these classic Christmas gems, so if you’re prepping for that piece of coal in your stocking this year, never fear!  We present a personal gift to you!  Enjoy the first X-mas <i>stalking</i> stuffer: “This Wonderful Life” now online!

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  1. Is it “bad” that I’m still thinking about “This Wonderful Life”?? I need the mini H/C with this one in it!!


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