Renee Miller Wins #GoreWars #1!

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Congratulations to Renee Miller who beat out 15 other authors to win our first-ever GoreWars tournament.  She beat T.G. Arsenault in the finals by the total vote count of 1656-1285.  Almost 3000 votes counted in the final round alone.

Here is the final brackets for the record book:

Click to enlarge

DarkFuse shipped 9 total gift packages to 9 different voters chosen at random.  Each gift box was worth $150 or more of books.

So a big thank-you to all the voters who took time to submit their ballots.

Also, kudos to all the authors…for the first time we ever put this online, it went smoothly and there were many very excellent contributions.

Congratulations also to T.G. Arsenault for making it to the finals.

It was a lot of fun.

Both Renee Miller and T. G. Arsenault will get their prizes in the next 24 hours.  Both officially qualify to receive spots in GoreWars #2 which is scheduled for March 2017.

You can check out all the winning entries on our official GoreWars Page.

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