William Meikle’s FUNGOID Released

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We’ve received tremendous feedback from early reviewers and readers on William Meikle’s latest novel, Fungoid, which has just be released in 4 editions: limited hardcover, paperback, Kindle eBook and EPUB eBook.

When the end came, it wasn’t zombies, asteroids, global warming or nuclear winter. It was something that escaped from a lab. Something small, and very hungry.

It starts with deadly rain that delivers death where it falls, but soon the whole planet is under threat as the infection spreads, consuming everything before it.

A band of survivors on the Eastern coast of Canada watch as their world falls and crumbles to ruin. The infection seems relentless. More than that, it seems to be learning, adapting and evolving faster than they can fight it. Worse still—it is infecting not just their bodies, but is creeping into their minds, dancing in their dreams.

Can they stop it before it takes them?

Or must they all join in the final dance of death?

Also, read “The Spores of Fungoid,” the inspiration for the novel.


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