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Dangerous Boys by Greg F. Gifune is officially in production.  What makes these editions special are a number of things.  First, for about the same price you get a regular limited edition hardcover, DarkMuse Syndicate editions are customized with two special sections bound in the back of each book:

Original Ownership Pages

These books were designed and bound to last many generations and each original buyers’ name is part of its history.  DarkMuse Syndicate archives each name of the buyer and what copy they were issued based on the time of their reservation.  We’ve posted page 1 of the ownership file for Dangerous Boys (but blacked out the buyers’ names to protect their privacy).

Page 1 of the ownership pages included in Dangerous Boys

Production Specs Page

For the collector, DarkMuse Syndicate includes a special bound-in production specs page which lists key information about the makeup of the book.  From production dates, to paper stock, to binding material and also how many copies of the max print run were initially bound.  Collector-geek-speak, which we appreciate!

Both of these pages are included on a password-protected page of the DarkFuse Magazine site for access to owners of each title.  An additional section online includes notes, revisions and updates about the edition.

Historical Significance

Imagine Dangerous Boys tucked away in someone’s library 50+ years from now, rediscovered with the additional historical pages in it.  Wow! And not to mention the prestige of owning a book in your own library that you can flip to the back and find your name as the original owner, as you make up part of the history of why that edition existed.

15-Day Limited Option

That’s why the 15-day reservation period is so important.  Not just the point where you get a fine limited edition hardcover to add to your library, but the customization that comes from ordering inside the reservation window. Your name or nickname (an option to keep your privacy) as well as extra characters to include your location or even add the name of your children or significant other.  A few more points: Within the 15-day pre-production period is the ONLY time you can order a matching slipcase.  They will not be available to order once production starts.  And did we mention that you always get these editions for 30% off the cover price, which makes them about the same price as any other limited on the market?

If you missed the Dangerous Boys edition in its pre-production window, don’t make the same mistake with Z-Burbia by Jake Bible which is now in its 15-day pre-production ordering period.

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