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Book Releases

February 28—Highwayman by Craig Saunders (eBook, Paperback, Limited Hardcover)
February 28—A Kiss of Thorns by Tim Waggoner (eBook, Limited Hardcover)
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Featured Fiction

February 3—“Dollimination” by Jeremy Thompson
February 10—“Prelude To A Murder Conviction” by Elle Andrews Pat
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February 17—Mr. Cables by Ronald Malfi (Novella)
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Tiny Terrors

February 14—The first-ever Tiny Terrors fiction tournament goes live.
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The Haunt

February 23—Live Event & Interview With GoreWars Queen Renée Miller
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February 24—”Hotel Naamah” by Sandy DeLuca (#2)
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Horror d’oeuvres

February 7—“Late Night Snack” by L. S. Engler (#64)
February 21—“Plight of the Living Dead” by Rebecca Lyons (#65)
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Cult of Kill

February 2: “Groundhog’s Day” (#32)
February 14: “My Confession” (#33)—Special Valentine’s Day Edition
February 16: “Point of Interest” (#34)
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DarkBorne Muse

February 6—“Stove Day” by Dan Thorn (#6)
February 20—“Alisha in the Looking Glass” by Sarina Dorie (#7)
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