“Dare To” (Featured Fiction #26)

(The estimated reading time for this is 9 minutes)I lie here, as I have lain for so long, like a crumpled fetus, waiting for an end that will not come. I beg for it…I pray for it. But even as I wait for a cessation to my terrible existence, I know it is only a seductive […]
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Bruce Golden
Novelist, journalist, satirist, Bruce Golden’s short stories have been published more than a hundred times across 20 countries and a score of anthologies. Asimov’s Science Fiction described his second novel, “If Mickey Spillane had collaborated with both Frederik Pohl and Philip K. Dick, he might have produced Bruce Golden’s Better Than Chocolate”—and about his novel Evergreen, "If you can imagine Ursula Le Guin channeling H. Rider Haggard, you'll have the barest conception of this stirring book, which centers around a mysterious artifact and the people in its thrall." You can read more of Golden's stories in his new collection Tales of My Ancestors, which has been described as "The Twilight Zone meets Ancestry.com."

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