DarkMuse Syndicate / DANGEROUS BOYS Update

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We’re happy to announce that the minimum copies needed to go to production have been met for Greg F. Gifune’s Dangerous Boys.  Signature sheets are being signed now.  Production will begin on January 20th for the first edition ever produced by The DarkMuse Syndicate.

There is a 52-copy max print run set for this title.  And there are still 7 days left to reserve your copy (no money down to reserve, billed at the start of production).

Important note: If you don’t reserve your copy by January 20, 2017, two things will happen:

  1. Your name won’t be on the production page as an original owner of the book.
  2. Once production begins, the price will increase by 30% (to $97.50) due to the fact that the remainder will be bound individually.

Own the true first edition of Greg F. Gifune’s latest novel!

Check out all Greg F. Gifune’s past DarkFuse titles on his official page at DarkFuse Magazine.

Collectors: check out DarkFuse’s new shop for collectors.

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