“Irving’s Story” (Erotikós #1)

(The estimated reading time for this is 30 minutes)WITH SENSORY APPARATUS AS FINE-TUNED AS HIS, and little or nothing of dissonance on a typical night to detract from his accustomed nocturnal torpor, any movements however faint, stifled or furtive—but especially the latter—were ever sufficient to bring him starting instantly awake. Thus it was on the […]
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Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley began writing in 1967 while serving in the British Army’s Corps of Royal Military Police. He produced his early work very much under the influence of the best of the Weird Tales authors, Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith, and his first stories and books were published by August W. Derleth at the now legendary Arkham House. Released from the Army December 1980, Lumley began writing full time and four years later completed his breakthrough novel, Necroscope® . Necroscope® has now grown to 18 volumes published in 13 countries and many millions of copies. Along with the Necroscope® series, Lumley is the author of more than 35 other titles; he is the winner of a British Fantasy Society short story award, of a Fear Magazine Award for Necroscope: the Source®, of a Lovecraft Film Festival Association “Howie,” of the World Horror Convention’s “Grand Master Award” and The Horror Writers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award...and also, most recently, yet another Lifetime Achievement Award from The World Fantasy Convention.

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