Now In Production: HIGHWAYMAN by Craig Saunders

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Due to ship by the end of February is Craig Saunders‘ latest novel Highwayman.  DarkFuse will be releasing this as a 52-copy limited hardcover, available for preorder now (reserve now, pay later). This title has been automatically reserved for those who’ve purchased the Collectors’ Subscription to DarkFuse Magazine.

“Lyrical, haunting, and compelling, Craig Saunders creates a mystical otherworld where the living hunt the dead and the dead mourn the living. A wonderfully original voice.” —Jon Bassoff, author of The Incurables

Legends never die. There’s a highwayman that still roams ancient, lost forests. He’s a murderer, a dead man who forgot to die.

Once, he killed a girl called Madeline Rose Goodman.

Now her father is the only one who can stop her killer. He might have to die to do it, lose all that he has left, but he won’t face the highwayman alone.

In a world where the old things still hold sway, good men will never have to fight alone.

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