Ronald Malfi and MR. CABLES

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DarkFuse continues to build its 2017 novella series. We’ve contracted 3 new titles, with Ronald Malfi’s latest novella, Mr. Cables, coming out in June.

For bestselling horror novelist Wilson Paventeau, the scariest novel of his career is one he didn’t write. It bears his name on the dust jacket and contains his bio near the end, but this enigmatic tome is not part of his oeuvre. And the most frightening thing about it may not be the tale between the covers, but the reason for its mysterious appearance in Paventeau’s life.

Here is the updated lineup for the 2017 Novella Series:

  1. Unidentified by Michael McBride (Jan.)
  2. A Kiss of Thorns by Tim Waggoner (Feb.)
  3. Fairy Lights by Edward Lorn (Mar.)
  4. An Apocalypse of our Own by Jeff Strand (Apr.)
  5. Swimming in the Sea of Trees by Adam Millard (May)
  6. Mr. Cables by Ronald Malfi (June)
  7. The Job by William Meikle (July)
  8. Cats Like Cream by Renée Miller (Aug.)
  9. TBA (Sept.)
  10. TBA (Oct.)
  11. TBA (Nov.)
  12. TBA (Dec.)

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  1. YES! I love Malfi’s novellas and novels! And glad to see our “Gore War” winner with a chance to show us some of her longer fiction.
    Also, Meikle is ALWAYS a favorite…. 😀


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