The DarkMuse Syndicate Launch!

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Tonight at midnight EST, DarkFuse will release the preorder for The DarkMuse Syndicate’s very first production, the latest novel from Greg F. Gifune called Dangerous Boys.  He just finished writing this on spec and is currently shopping rights to mass market publishers, but a special collector’s edition will be released in the interim from Shadow Kingdom Publishing.

Here’s the details:

DMS #0001
Boys by Greg F. Gifune
Published by Shadow Kingdom Publishing
Produced by The DarkMuse Syndicate
Sold at DarkFuse Magazine
Production Release Date: 1/20/17
Ship Date: 3/28/17
$75 USD; Slipcase add-on (optional) $30

DMS#0001 Production Specs:

  • Limited to 52 copies printed
  • 6 x 9 inches—Ultra bound using Sturdite (leather-embossed cloth)
  • Signed by author & numbered
  • Illustrated endsheets
  • Satin ribbon marker
  • Wraparound dust jacket w/ protector
  • Foil Stamp on spine and cover
  • Unique DarkMuse Syndicate logo and production # stamped on back of actual cover as well as dust jacket.
  • Unique production page sheet bound into back of book which contains production specs as well as list of original buyers (include your name or nickname in field when purchasing).
  • Optional slipcase (add-on)—matching foil stamp on cover, spine and back cover

DarkMuse Syndicate Ordering Information

The DarkMuse Syndicate is an independent design group producing fine limited edition books for collectors.  We are not a DarkFuse imprint.  We have partnered with DarkFuse to give us a retailer & marketing outlet, so we can focus on producing fine arts in bookbinding.

Sorry, but we do not match numbers for collectors.  The reason for this is that we work with many different publishers (including DarkFuse) and many independent authors, each having their own customer base, so it would be impossible, in all fairness, to allocate certain copies to individuals.

The order process works as fair as possible.  When the book goes live, the first order becomes copy #1, the second order is #2 until the last copy of the print run is ordered.

Customers are not charged up front for reservations.  You will be charged when this book is set to go to production (usually soon after sell-out). At that time, DarkFuse will invoice buyers who selected ‘Pay Later’ and automatically charge credit cards on file for customer who chosen to charge on production.  If Paying Later: You must pay within 72 hours or you’ll lose your copy.

We sell all of our productions in a limited 15-day window.  After that, no copies of the title can be ordered.  A minimum number of sales must occur for each title to go into production (which is why we don’t charge up front).  If the minimum isn’t reached, the title will be canceled, nothing charged to the customer.

If you have particular questions not addressed, please leave a comment below.  We’ve been flooded with e-mails since releasing the news of The DarkMuse Syndicate from collectors and we want to state again: we can not control numbers.  We tried in negotiating with DMS to give our subscribers first shot at reserving the books, but since they are working with several publishers and independent authors they felt this wasn’t in their best interest.  It would feel more like a DarkFuse imprint if they went that route, and that’s not their intention as an independent book design and binding group.

At midnight EST, we will unlock the product for sale. The link to DarkMuse Syndicate’s shop page is HERE.

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  1. What kind of release schedule is the Syndicate looking at? A previous news post said there are 24-36 titles under contract and I shudder to think of the cost involved if that’s a (planned) one-a-month release schedule.


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