“Fifty Shades of Black” (Tiny Terrors #1, 1st Rd.)

(The estimated reading time for this is 0 minutes)“Happy Valentines honey,” she said. Shane gulped when he saw her dress. Though she didn’t look herself. He smiled anyway, embracing her, then his lips met hers. And he screamed. One kiss was all it took, for his tender foreskin to shrivel and the cock to burn […]
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Theresa Derwin
HWA affiliate member Theresa Derwin writes humorous fiction including SF, Urban Fantasy & Horror. She has about twenty five anthology acceptances behind her. She also writes a number of book reviews and at her website. Her first short story collection is Monsters Anonymous from Anarchy Books published 2012, followed by Season’s Creepings (2015). Her next collection Wolf at The Door came out March 2016 (receiving two Stoker recommendations or the Reading List). She edited Weird Ales in April 2016 producing the next volume Another Round late 2016 with the third volume out this year. She is working on a novelette Pride, Pistols and Pentagrams coming 2017 from Quantum Corsets, which she manages and owns. Her next book God’s Vengeance is due from Stoker award winning publisher Crystal Lake Publishing 2017. Theresa mentors fledgling authors and teaches creative writing. In 2017 she commences research into a three year study of #WomeninHorror literature. The site is under construction but goes live Feb 2017. Theresa Derwin—writing genre fiction since—her last cup of coffee.