“Food” (Tiny Terrors #1, 1st Rd.)

(The estimated reading time for this is 0 minutes)Sightless in the dark room, she senses the quick, darting rush coming for her. Soft, heavy bodies collide with her legs, weight down her feet under the rise of mewls, hisses, yowling screams. Claws tear her thighs, belly, breasts. Teeth shred her hands. Shouted curses gurgle from […]
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Elle Andrews Patt's speculative and literary short fiction has appeared in markets such as The Rag, Saw Palm, and Solarcide, among others. Her award-winning novella, "Manteo" and novella "Someday Loyal", products of her collaboration with the Alvarium Experiment, are available at Amazon. Elle's DarkFuse Featured Fiction, "Prelude To A Murder Conviction" won an Honorable Mention from Writers Of The Future. When not taking care of the family or writing, Elle can be found mucking stalls or photographing found things. She'd love to hear from you!