“Late Night Snack” (Horror d’oeuvre #64)

(The estimated reading time for this is 4 minutes)Plagued by another sleepless night, Charlie slipped out of bed. He was careful, trying not to disturb Natalie still asleep beside him. He couldn’t help envying her, that she could slumber so soundly while his mind was a swirling mess that wouldn’t calm down. As if she […]
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L.S. Engler
L.S. Engler writes from outside of Chicago in the company of two cats and a boyfriend, though she grew up chasing dragons in the woods of Michigan. She is the editor of the World Unknown Review and is currently wrapping up a trilogy about zombies called The Slayer Saga. Her work has most recently appeared in Ghostlight, Potter's Field Six, and the Saturday Evening Post online. She hopes to tackle a book about ghosts next.

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