Tiny Terrors #1 Finals Is Set!

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Sixteen competitors entered and now two remain: Adrian Ludens and Evan Dicken will duel in the tournament finals which will go live this Tuesday (March 7, 2017).

We’ve had some killer micro-fiction in this tournament.  Subscribers can read all the stories here.

Here’s a little about our two finalists…

Adrian Ludens

Adrian Ludens is a radio announcer from Rapid City, South Dakota. He is an enthusiastic fan of hockey, heavy metal, exploring abandoned buildings, and enjoys reading & writing horror fiction. His newest collection is When Bedbugs Bite. Recent and upcoming publications include: The Beauty of Death (Independent Legions Press), Dark Horizons (Elder Signs Press), and Let Them In 2 (Time Alone Press).

You can read more of Luden’s work here.

Evan Dicken

By day, Evan Dicken battles economic entropy for the US Department of Commerce, and studies old Japanese maps at “the” Ohio State University. By night, he does neither of these things. His fiction has most recently appeared in: The Lovecraft eZine and Daily Science Fiction, and he has stories forthcoming from publishers such as: DarkFuse, Shock Totem, and Chaosium.

You can read more of Dicken’s work here.

Check out all the Tiny Terrors finals actions on the official Tiny Terrors page.

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