DarkFuse Magazine: Issue #1 Is Live!

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After more than 650,000 words of fiction posted online (now called issue 0), DarkFuse Magazine formally releases its first true issue in June 2017. Edited by DarkFuse founder Shane Staley and featuring a new novella by William Meikle (“The Job”), featured short story by Christa Carmen (“This Our Angry Train”), and the world premier of the story adaptation of Greg F. Gifune’s “First Impressions” directed by Eric Shapiro and starring Richard Caines and Comika Hartford.


  • “The Job” by William Meikle (Novella #10)
  • “First Impressions” Directed by Eric Shapiro (DarkFuse Presents #3)
  • “This Our Angry Train” by Christa Carmen (Featured Fiction #35)
  • “Pavor Nocturnus” by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason (Erotikós #5)
  • “What Happened When She Couldn’t Stop” by Stephanie M. Wytovich (Inside the Skin Bouquet #3)
  • “Tiny Boxes” by Andrew Kozma (Horror d’oeuvres #69)
  • “Nicky Poo” by Brian Knight (The Vault #1)

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