Staley To Leave DarkFuse As Full-Time Editor/Publisher

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Shane Staley, founder of DarkFuse and current editor-in-chief, will be stepping down as of June 1st of 2017, as its full-time editor.  During this transition, DarkFuse’s book line will go on a brief hiatus from June-November 2017 as his replacement is named and takes over operations.

Staley will remain with the company in a limited role as consultant and online magazine editor and oversee its overhaul starting with its new format in standard issues (Issue #1 will go online June 13, 2017).  Issue #0 will be the magazine’s archive with more than 600,000 words of fiction contracted by Staley available to annual subscribers immediately on subscription.

In a staff meeting in May, Staley announced he would be leaving his position open to fill as he pursues other interests, including his tennis academy and professional coaching career in men’s and women’s tennis. Patrick Zonn will take over as interim publisher.

The decision was a difficult one according to Staley.  “It really came down to the changing nature of publishing and the market itself,” he said, “I still love what I do here, but when you become limited by the market and resources, this has really kept me from being able to do the things I want to do in publishing, especially these past few years.”

Staley began his career in publishing in 1996, later founded one of the most successful specialty presses (Delirium Books) in 1999 and has been publishing full time since 2003.  In his career, he has published more than 600 titles, helped launch the careers of a number of successful horror authors, won a Bram Stoker Award for publishing in 2005 and has published many award-winning titles through both Delirium Books and DarkFuse.

About his career change, he has remained optimistic about remaining in publishing in some capacity.  “At 43 years old, my days of being able to make a run at training and coaching 7-8 hours a day on the hard courts in tennis are numbered,” he commented.  “I figure I have maybe 10-15 years left before my body becomes a deterrent, so it was a matter of seizing the opportunity and making a run at something else I love in life. I’m actually looking forward to my new reduced role in publishing so I can actually get back to the simple things…the love of it all and not the constant demands of it as my everyday profession.”

All DarkFuse titles in its book line that have been contracted are expected to be produced before Staley’s departure or shortly after the hiatus (November/December 2017).  Meanwhile, the magazine will continue to see new content published in monthly issues with Staley as editor.

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    • Thanks, Bob! I actually attribute tennis as being one of the early activities that led to my success in other areas of life such as publishing, so it’s nice to give back as a coach.

  1. I wish you all the best, Shane. You will be missed here, but I am glad that you are pursuing something that you love.

  2. Best wishes for your career change, Shane. It will take some getting used knowing that it’s no longer your hand on the tiller around here. Can I ask what will happen to the books you’re holding for me, will they be shipped before the press goes on hiatus? Many thanks, Jason

    • Jason,

      Just added Dangerous Boys to your holding box. Will be shipping out 3 more books here in the next few weeks. Once I get those added, I’ll get them all shipped (and discount the shipping cost from what has been already paid with the Dangerous Boys order). But, yes, I’ll be actively shipping books over the next month or so. Still my company, so I’ll be around making sure you get what you ordered! Thanks!

  3. Best of luck in your endeavors, Shane! I’m glad your sticking around even if it’s a limited fashion. I’ve always been impressed with your decision making in a changing environment, as well as the quick replies to my dumb questions I’ve had over the years.

    • Appreciate it, Steve! I think this change is for the best. It may end of being a more productive change for me as well in publishing. Doing this for a living, the competitive nature of it, is draining at times, so this may, in fact, charge my creativity to the next degree. Sometimes less is more. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. Shane!

    Gonna miss you. I credit you to a large degree for rekindling my interest in horror literature, yes, I said, horror literature! Best wishes for you in your new endeavours.

    Take care,


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