DarkFuse eBook Sale—Many Going Off the Market

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DarkFuse will be reverting rights on many eBook titles by the end of this month (6/30/17) which means in order to get these titles you’ll need to purchase them in the next few weeks.  We will begin removing select titles on 6/19/17.

To make this easier on our readers who want to secure our editions before they go off the market, we’re running a Kindle sale at Amazon for this limited time:

  • $2.99 for all novels
  • $1.99 for all novellas, collections and anthologies

You can browse from our complete catalog at Amazon by clicking this link.

Beginning on 6/19/17, many titles will begin to disappear from Amazon as rights will be reverted to authors.

DarkFuse Magazine is the focus of this company going forward as well as collecting content from within the magazine for collectors to be released in limited edition hardcovers. We do not expect to continue acquiring rights for eBook or paperback releases for most titles.  We will continue to contract fiction for the magazine in the form of novellas (to also be produced in limited hardcover in our popular mini-hardcover novella series), short stories (to be printed in trade and limited edition hardcover in anthology series and collections).

Attention Kindle Owners: All DarkFuse Magazine subscribers will be able to read new content which appears in our magazine as each post is now downloadable as .mobi files which can be sent to your Kindle using the Send To Kindle app or by e-mailing the file to your device.

Attention EPUB readers: All magazine subscribers now can download any story as an EPUB file to read on any device which supports this format.

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