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Larry Hinkle is an advertising copywriter living with his wife, two dogs, and a cat in Omaha, Nebraska. When he’s not writing stories that scare people into peeing their pants, he writes ads that scare people into buying adult diapers lest they be caught peeing their pants. His work has been published in The Horror Zine, Suspense Magazine, Cemetery Moon, Theme of Absence, 365 Tomorrows, The Drabblecast, Sanitarium Magazine, E.C.M., The Grievous Angel, and the anthologies Life of the Dead, My Favorite Apocalypse, Alternate Hilarities 5: One-Star Reviews of the Afterlife, and Another Dimension. In 2017, he will have a new story published in The Frankenstein Experiment anthology from Rothco Press. In no particular order, he loves beer, zombies, stand-up comedy, horror, cynicism, Diet Coke, loud music, TV, skiing, camping, dogs, the colors purple, orange and black, science fiction, proofreaders, the Cleveland Browns, THE Ohio State University, his friends and family, and smart advertising. He hates pretty much everything else.
Moon Over Ruin