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Alan Ryker sleeps badly in Kansas City, having nightmares that become fiction. DarkFuse has published his novels The Hoard, Dream of the Serpent, and Deep Lairs; his novellas Nightmare Man, Among Prey, and In the Shadows of Children; and serialized The Wards.


Magazine Contributions

“The Wards” (Novella #2)

PART 1 Elizabeth eyes had long ago adjusted to the dark room and the bright monitor,...

The Inspiration Behind DREAM OF THE SERPENT

Sometimes, when I think about the past, I get nervous. For instance, if I think of...

Interview with Alan Ryker, author of NIGHTMARE MAN

  You know the drill. Tell us a bit about NIGHTMARE MAN. Nightmare Man is the tale...

Deconstructing Nightmare Man—the inspiration behind Alan Ryker’s new novella

The inspiration for Nightmare Man couldn’t be simpler. I decided to directly address what I...

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