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Craig Saunders is the author of more than thirty novels and novellas, including the DarkFuse titles Highwayman, Masters of Blood and Bone, and Deadlift. He writes across many genres, but horror, humor and fantasy are his favorites.

Craig lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and children. He likes nice people and good coffee. Find out more on Amazon, or visit:


Magazine Contributions

The House of Oak

People say a witch was once buried beneath the old oak. The kids who played...

“Purple Buddha”

Author's Note: It occurred to me as I wrote the second draft of Left To Darkness,...

“The Wooden Headed Man and the Lady with a Hole in Her Heart” (Featured Fiction #7)

© 2015 by Craig Saunders.  All Rights Reserved.   Money was always an issue for Alice, but...

“Flesh and Coin: Random Acts of Violence”

© 2015 by Craig Saunders.  All Rights Reserved.   Our world is sometimes a hard place to...

“Masters of Blood and Bone: To Kill a God”

© 2015 by Craig Saunders.  All Rights Reserved. Where do you get an idea for a...

“Deadlift: Breaking Point”

"Deadlift: Breaking Point" © 2014 by Craig Saunders.  All rights reserved.   I had an inkling that...

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