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Michael McBride is the author of Ancient Enemy, F9, Snowblind, Snowblind II: The Killing Grounds, Sunblind, and Unidentified, all from DarkFuse. He won the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Novella (Snowblind) in 2012 and Best Novel (Sunblind) in 2014. He lives in Avalanche Territory with his wife and four kids. For more about the author and his other works, please visit michaelmcbride.net.


Magazine Contributions

“Unidentified” (Novella #6)

PROLOGUE November 19th Now Three words. Eric Devlin has written this letter a hundred times in hopes of expressing...

“The Inception of ANCIENT ENEMY”

"The Inception of Ancient Enemy" © 2014 by Michael McBride.  All rights reserved. I started Ancient...

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