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Jack Ketchum’s MAIL ORDER (DarkFuse Presents #2)

A Wall Street trader who's addicted to snuff films thinks he sees an ex-girlfriend starring in one. Directed by Eric Shapiro, this short film is an adaptation of MAIL ORDER, a short story by Jack Ketchum (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, RED, THE WOMAN).

Erotikós Teaser Trailer

This is the official teaser for DarkFuse Magazine's Erotikós series coming in 2017.

HOAX (DarkFuse Presents #1)

Based on a short story by Greg F. Gifune and directed by Eric Shapiro. A man in a bar who's hitting on the bartender may or may not have good intentions. Starring: Rodney Eastman, Jessica Etheridge, Comika Hartford, Ariel Lawrence

C. S. Kane Interview

Exclusive interview with C. S. Kane, author of Shattered.

Exclusive Brian Hodge Interview

This is the interview with Brian Hodge on the release of his DarkFuse novella Whom the Gods Would Destroy.

LONG BLACK COFFIN: Official Book Trailer

The official book trailer for Long Black Coffin by Tim Curran.

THE HOARD: Official Book Trailer

Book trailer for The Hoard by Alan Ryker. Available at Amazon!

TRINITY: Official Book Trailer

Available at Amazon!