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something_violentSomething Violent by Kristopher Rufty


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

Ron McClure, a cherished marriage counselor, has helped many couples through matrimonial turmoil. His latest accomplishment was the complete restoration of a popular Hollywood couple, once notorious for the public slandering of their spouses. The garnered notoriety has attracted the attention of publishers, magazines, and countless talk shows.

It has also attracted the attention of a couple who’ve not only lost the thrill in their marriage…but also the thrill to kill together.

Fearing they’re at the tragic end of their relationship, the couple kidnap Ron in a bizarre attempt at the restoration of a shattered, twisted love now on the brink of a terrifying metamorphosis.

fairy_lights270Fairy Lights by Edward Lorn


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

On Palomar Mountain, there hides a creature capable of unspeakable malice. A monster hungry for flesh. A being capable of manipulating those it allows to live.

Tony and his mother, Brenda, have plans to vacation on Palomar Mountain and intend to bring Tony’s buddy Bobby with them. The party of three ascend the mountain for three days of camping without the aid of technology. But when the boys get lost in the woods, things escalate from bad to deadly in the blink of an eye. Because they’re not alone, and the creature in the cave is not the only thing they have to worry about.

Covenant by Allan Leverone


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($50.00)

When Justin and Lindie Cooper move into their dream home, a rambling, oddly-shaped “Handyman’s Special” in Covenant, New Hampshire, they are completely unaware of their house’s violent and tragic history.

Within a week, Justin Cooper is dead under suspicious circumstances, and Lindie must deal not just with her grief, but with a police investigator—and a town—convinced she is trying to get away with murder.

But that’s not her biggest problem. Because evil resides in her home, an entity that is more than a century old.

And it’s angry, relentless and determined to eliminate Lindie Cooper next.

apocalypse_of_our_own270An Apocalypse of Our Own by Jeff Strand


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

Missy and Kevin are friends. Just friends. They’d never actually date each other, because they’ve been friends since childhood that would be weird.

Now it’s the apocalypse. People are leaking blood from their eyeballs and turning into homicidal oozing mutants. Fortunately, Kevin has access to an underground shelter, and he and Missy make it there before they die a horrible death.

But now they’re trapped down there.

Things are going to get weird.

Erotikós #1 Edited by Dave Thomas & Shane Staley


eBook ($3.99) | Trade Hardcover ($25.00) | 100-copy Limited Hardcover ($40.00)

Erotikós is an ongoing erotic horror fiction series published by DarkFuse. Our editors are working with some of the best established and upcoming writers in the sub-genre to mix elements of sex, lust and horror into original tales that will leave you shaking…one way or another.

Table of Contents:

  1. “Sweet Baby Girl” by Angela Addams
  2. “Pavor Nocturnus” by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason
  3. “Whispers in Your Heart” by Jennifer Loring
  4. “Invasion” by Renée Miller
  5. “Hotel Naamah” by Sandy DeLuca
  6. “Irving’s Story” by Brian Lumley

The limited edition hardcover contains the following exclusive bonus stories:

  • “Suck” by Jennifer Loring
  • “Good Vibrations” by Renée Miller

blade_this_time_270The Blade This Time by Jon Bassoff


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

A man wakes to find himself below ground in the abandoned subway stations of New York City. He has no idea how he got there, no idea who he is. In his pocket he finds only a wad of blood-stained cash and a deck of playing cards.

Once above ground, he rents out a cheap apartment, previously occupied by an enigmatic artist named Max Leider who’d left most everything behind—books, clothes, personal letters. But most peculiar are a series of paintings, each one of a mysterious woman hidden behind a curtain.

Without an identity of his own, the man becomes fascinated with Leider. He begins wearing his clothes. He begins painting on his canvases. He begins taking on his obsessions. But as his persona fully transforms into Max Leider, he will find some horrifying truths about the artist…and himself.

“Jon Bassoff’s The Blade This Time is a nightmarish descent into the underbelly of New York City and the darkest corners of the psyche. A gritty, disorienting ride.” —Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts

The Blade This Time a dark masterpiece of classic horror.  Bassoff blends art, insanity, violence, and obsession into a haunting nightmare that you don’t want to stop. Truly, Bassoff at his best.” —C.J. Howell, author of The Last of the Smoking Bartenders

“Jon Bassoff’s latest full-length piece of noir, The Blade This Time, transports you into the bowels of urban, subterranean, humankind. Literally. A riveting, tightly woven masterpiece of hard-boiled loneliness, I was held mesmerized by it. Part Charlie Huston, part Henry Miller with a sprinkling of Bukowski, this is a novel you will not want to miss.” —Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of The Remains and Orchard Grove.

“Dark and disturbing, a guided tour through one man’s private hell. You can feel the pain, touch the grime, and smell the decay. I burned right through it, tripping on the feverish story arc, and came out the other side more than a little uneasy.” —Tim Curran, author of Doll Face

The Blade This Time is the book David Goodis would have written if he’d taken WAY too much mescaline one weekend and holed himself up in an abandoned Port Richmond movie theater and hallucinated straight into his typewriter. Brilliantly demented. —Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest

“Creepy, intriguing, compelling and well-crafted, Bassoff’s novel is the kind of thing you didn’t realize you were looking for until you’re already up to your neck in it. And by then you’re hooked.” —Victor Gischler, author of The Deputy

swimming_in_the_sea_of_trees-sSwimming In the Sea of Trees by Adam Millard


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

A year after the death of their son, Dan and Kelly are visiting Aokigahara, the infamous Japanese forest. Dan knows of its past as the place where souls come to die, to commit suicide either through hopelessness, debt, or love. Kelly does not, but all that changes when the forest’s ghosts begin to reveal themselves.

Aokigahara knows what they fear, and will stop at nothing to claim two more souls.

songs_of_dreaming_gods270Songs of Dreaming Gods by William Meikle


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover (Reserve Now Through Hardcover Subscription)

This is the story of a house.

It sits on a corner block on a hill in one of the oldest cities in North America, a nondescript, three-story wooden cube.

When John Green, Janis Lodge and Todd Wiggins are sent to investigate a multiple murder on the top floor of the property, they start opening doors and uncovering secrets. But like peeling the layers off an onion, each door opened only leads them deeper into the mystery.

There are houses like this all over the world, and those who suffer are drawn to them, as John, Janis and Todd have been drawn.

They have found their way in.

Can they find their way out again? And at what cost?

Mr. Cables by Ronald Malfi


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

For bestselling horror novelist Wilson Paventeau, the scariest novel of his career is one he didn’t write. It bears his name on the dust jacket and contains his bio near the end, but this enigmatic tome is not part of his oeuvre. And the most frightening thing about it may not be the tale between the covers, but the reason for its mysterious appearance in Paventeau’s life. 

symbiosisSymbiosis by Tim Curran


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Signature Series Hardcover ($99.00)

When Flynn was sixteen, he was a new kid in a new school. At first, he was ignored. Then he was bullied, tormented, and beaten. Chad Reese offered him a way out. He introduced him to Toddy and Bones. They made Flynn’s enemies their own. Before long, he was the most popular kid at school. But there was a price. When he wouldn’t pay it, they took something he loved.

Now, thirty years later, Flynn is rich and successful. Everything he touches seems to turn into gold. Until he comes back home to discover that the payment for living the good life has been long overdue.

The Job by William Meikle


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

Dave Wilson is down on his luck, with gambling debts coming due. He takes on a risky burglary at a Scottish country house, but the job goes bad, and all too soon Dave is embroiled in a fight he wants no part of, an ages-old battle for ownership of the house.

Opposing factions are at work, and both want Dave’s help. There are demons to fight, both metaphorical and literal, and there are hard choices to be made, if Dave has the strength to make them.

incidental_findings-sIncidental Findings by Lisa von Biela


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover (Reserve Now Through Hardcover Subscription)

Young lawyer Nikki Avalon is looking for a job. And she finds one at Garrett Law. Right out of the gate, she takes over an important product liability class action, replacing a lawyer who left the firm under mysterious circumstances. The case could launch her career—or it could cost her life.

Dirk Demerest grew Thor Wireless from a garage start-up to the worldwide leader in wireless technology. His latest product, the SignalBoss cell phone, uses ultra-powerful radio waves to get reception anywhere in the world. It’s an instant success, quickly replacing satellite phone technology and leapfrogging the competition. Volatile and unpredictable, Dirk does what it takes to protect his hard-won empire.

Jack Linden is one of the unlucky ones. After he falls and injures himself at work, his doctor discovers unusual neurological changes caused by the SignalBoss’ intense radio waves. The symptoms threaten to destroy his life—as well as the lives of other heavy SignalBoss users. Jack must decide whether to undergo dangerous experimental surgery to relieve his excruciating pain.

In her first big case, Nikki finds herself fighting battles on all fronts. Dirk Demerest will stop at nothing to kill the lawsuit. Garrett Law turns out to be a hotbed of hostility and lapsed ethics, a nightmare of a workplace. And a traumatic event from her past comes back to haunt her.

Will she win the case for Jack and the other victims?

Will she survive?

What you seek isn’t always what you’ll find…

Cats Like Cream by Renée Miller


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

Elwin likes to watch. His position as star employee at a real estate agency gives him plenty of access to the homes of his clients. A camera or two hidden where no one will find it, and he can watch as often as the beast demands.

No one knows he’s watching. No one gets hurt.

But it’s hard to look without touching.

One moment of weakness turns into two. Soon, someone sees him, his secrets start to unravel, and the beast takes control.

deep_lairs-sDeep Lairs by Alan Ryker


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover (Reserve Now Through Hardcover Subscription)

When Dustin Massey was a troubled youth, his stepfather said he had a monster living inside him. He didn’t know the literal truth of his words.

Dustin inherited the curse from his father, who escaped his self-imposed prison one night when torrential rains obscured a full moon, going on a rampage through an isolated Ozark town that led to many deaths, including his own.

Tormented by memories of that night, Dustin fought to restrain his own monster for nearly a decade, until one mistake begins a chain reaction that threatens to destroy his entire family. Looking for a way out but caught between a violent hill clan and the beast inside, he finds himself hemmed in, and the beast growing harder to control.

But if his fate has been sealed for thousands of years, why bother holding back? Why not just let go?

Weekend Getaway by Tom Deady


eBook ($3.99) | 100-copy Mini-Hardcover ($40.00)

John Baxter has one goal in mind for the weekend: save his marriage. He brings his wife to a romantic cabin in the woods, intent on finally getting past the loss of their baby. Instead, he and Rachel are harassed by a gang of locals and trapped in the remote cabin.

Held prisoner and confronted by a madman, John is subjected to torture both physical and mental. But sometimes it’s the secrets that are the real enemy.

Now John is forced to confront his past while trying to survive his present…and make it through the weekend getaway.

boathouse-sThe Boathouse by William Meikle


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover (Reserve Now Through Hardcover Subscription)

Dave Wiggins is taking a trip into his past. He doesn’t much want to—but his Ma is dying.

He intends to get in, do his duty, get out and forget about his small town roots.

But there is something back home that has been waiting for his return—something that lurks, waiting in a tumbledown boathouse in an abandoned community offshore.

Once Dave and his past meet, the game is on.

A hurricane, a scrimshaw chess set, beer, rum, cigarettes, old friends and past mistakes all conspire to keep Dave right where he least wants to be.

The game is on.

And it’s his move.

The Lupin Project by Allan Leverone


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover (Reserve Now Through Hardcover Subscription)

On the edge of a tiny northern New Hampshire community lies Tamerlane, a secret United States Army research facility. Inside the facility, unnatural experiments are taking place. Experiments involving wild animals, and brain surgery, and neural conditioning.

When one of the experiments goes horribly wrong and a local teen is killed, one high school student will risk her life and all she loves to expose Tamerlane’s twisted secrets.

But first she must find someone to believe her story.

Ghost Voices by Craig Saunders


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover 

Graham Calder was once a soldier. He lives a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands now, has ever since a terrible injury in Afghanistan which was inflicted by his brother-in-arms, Simon Bussey.

Now Bussey’s back.

Bussey assumes Calder hides away because of his injury, but it’s the schizophrenia that keeps him isolated, along with a ghost that has taught him to lock his past nightmares in a box inside his mind.

Now the clash between Bussey and Calder intersect with the Grant sisters, Claire and Emily, who are hoping for an adventure in Scotland’s forests and mountains. Neither planned on fighting for their lives as they become entangled in the soldiers’ deadly feud.

If Caulder opens the box, letting his demons out, will the Grant sisters survive or will it be Bussey who kills them all?

Ramskull by William Meikle


eBook ($6.99) | Paperback ($16.99) | 52-copy Limited Hardcover 

When Sergeant Dave Wilkes and his constable, John Campbell are called out to a remote island, it is to investigate what they think is a routine job, a simple case of sheep worrying. But on arrival at Leita, they find the community to be empty, the shops and houses lying quiet. Before too long they find disturbing evidence of violence and mayhem.

They get some of the story when they find three survivors holed up in a farmhouse, but the tale they tell is almost unbelievable—a grisly story of ritual cannibalism, blood sacrifice and a ram’s skull that makes its wearer both invincible and irresistible.

Soon they are in a fight for their lives, as the ram takes control of the island.

Can they stop it and prevent it from spreading?

Or will the ancient magic of the ram prevail and take its bloody promises to the mainland, and to the town that is waiting to be shown its glory?

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