DarkFuse hosts monthly contests and tournaments.  We have 3 active campaigns authors can take part in (open to the public):


GoreWars is an online gross-out tournament hosted by DarkFuse.  Each tournament features 16 contestants (chosen through a call-out contest) whose only goal is to disgust our readers in 50 words or less. Each round is determined by our subscribers’ popular vote as well as votes from a panel of judges from our DarkFuse Readers Group (DRG).



We challenge authors to scare us via Twitter with your writing in under 140 characters. Our DarkFuse Readers Group, staff and subscribers vote for the best micro-tale of each campaign!



DarkFuse has mutated the ancient art of Haiku and challenge authors to submit a poem via Twitter DarkFuse-style.  What’s the difference? Traditional haiku poems are 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables.  DarkFuse haikus are 3 lines with 6-6-6 syllables, containing elements of horror.