DarkFuse has mutated the ancient art of Haiku and challenge authors to submit a poem via Twitter DarkFuse-style.  What’s the difference? Traditional haiku poems are 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables.  DarkFuse haikus are 3 lines with 6-6-6 syllables, containing elements of horror.



  • Anyone with a Twitter account can enter this contest.
  • Tweet your horror haiku from your own account.
  • You must include the following hashtag in your tweet: #DarkFuseHaikus.
  • You must tag DarkFuse’s Twitter account in your post: @darkfuse .
  • Poems must be submitted with 3 lines.  Each line must have 6 syllables.
  • Content must involve elements of horror.
  • Absolutely no links, images or self-promotion allowed in the tweet.
  • DarkFuse’s Readers Group & staff will nominate the 6 best DarkFuse Haikus posted from each campaign (aka “The Devil’s Cut”) and choose one as the winner.


  • Authors retain all rights to their work/tweets.
  • All nominees and winners will show up on the Devil’s Cut page in the magazine.
  • Please remember in order to qualify you must tag DarkFuse’s Twitter account and include the proper hashtag.


Winning entry each campaign will receive a lifetime web subscription to the magazine. All winners will be eligible for a DarkFuse Haikus Readers’ Choice Award at the end of each year which is voted on by the DarkFuse Readers Group.  This annual award is a plaque and $50. We will contact authors via DM on Twitter.


Please make sure you follow DarkFuse on Twitter (@darkfuse) so that we have access to contact you in case you’re a finalist or winner. Also, please make sure you sign up for our FREE e-mail subscription to the magazine where nominees and winners will be announced.

This can create great exposure for your social media account, as your #DarkFuseHaikus will be showcased as connected to your own Twitter account so that readers can follow you.

DarkFuse has the right to reject any tweet for any reason and may remove it from our showcase site without notice.

Moon Over Ruin



The Devil's Cut

Premium DarkFuse Haikus

The Devil’s Cut represents the best #DarkFuseHaikus from each campaign.

Campaign 2 (September 23, 2016)



Campaign 1 (August 30, 2016)



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