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BROKEN CHAIN by Lisa von Biela

“Lisa von Biela is truly the modern master of the medical/scientific thriller and Broken Chain is her best book so far and a definite book of the year candidate.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

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An unprecedented wave of senseless and brutal violence is sweeping the nation.

Livestock are mysteriously dying in droves—and there is no cure.

Meat and dairy products are rotting before their sell-by dates.


Dr. Kyle Sommers is one of a team of CDC doctors deployed nationwide to find the cause. Along with his wife Gretchen and young daughter Lara, he travels to St. Joe, Minnesota to investigate after a particularly gruesome murder shocks the small town. Frantic to find the answer before more people die and haunted by the secret that destroyed his father, Dr. Sommers uncovers the shattering truth behind the seemingly unconnected crises. And when he does, he discovers his own family is in grave danger.

Something has gone horribly wrong with the food chain. And nothing will ever be the same.

Part medical detective story, part post-apocalyptic tale, Broken Chain examines what might happen if a major component of our food supply had to be destroyed and banned because of its malignant effect on those who consume it.

You are what you eat…

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