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DEVIL’S BREATH by Greg F. Gifune

From the author of The Bleeding Season

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In a dying coastal town near Cape Cod, Stanley Falk lives a quiet and unassuming life as a dishwasher. A shell of what and who he once was, Stanley is a man with a dark and violent past who does his best to forget by drinking it all away. But one morning he awakens to find his meager bank account emptied and his memory of the drunken evening prior wiped clean.

Vague memories and terrible nightmares of evil gods, distant planets and a hideous room where torture has been practiced and blood flows like water haunt his every waking moment. Something depraved is intent on dragging him back into the same pit of darkness he’s fought his entire life to crawl out of, and now there are others, in the shadows, watching his every move and luring him closer to a truth beyond comprehension…beyond evil…beyond anything he’s ever imagined possible.

You worship what you do not know.

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