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HOUSE OF RAIN by Greg F. Gifune

“A masterful tale of love, loss, friendship, pain and suffering…a tale that will eviscerate you emotionally.” —Peter Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Another masterpiece of a tale of love and loss as Gifune delves to the heart of a topic that he seems to know so well.” —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

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(The estimated reading time for this is 1 minutes)

Gordon Cole is a tired and lonely old man. A troubled Vietnam vet and recent widower, he does his best to survive in an increasingly dangerous neighborhood while drowning in the nightmares of his horrific past and struggling with the death of his beloved wife Katy. And then the whispers begin calling to him from the shadows, terrifying visions stalk him relentlessly, the sounds of angelic singing haunt his every waking moment, and everyone in his life seems to be conspiring against him for reasons he cannot yet understand.

As the rains come, soaking the city, Gordon realizes he must face his past, and solve a dark mystery that has haunted him for nearly fifty years.

Who was the mystifying woman he met in a bar all those years ago? What happened in that seedy motel they went to? Did it even really happen at all?

As Gordon searches for answers, something within the mounting rain watches and waits, offering Gordon deliverance from his nightmare. But the keys to Heaven and Hell come with a terrible price.

Welcome home, Gordon.


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